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10-Panel Test

Our 10-panel test includes a full screening for ten of the most common STDs. Our physicians recommend this panel for accurate and comprehensive testing. Trich testing upgrade available for $69 on next page.
ChlamydiaHerpes 1
GonorrheaHerpes 2
Hepatitis BHIV 1 Ab
Hepatitis CHIV 1 Ag
SyphilisHIV 2 Ab

Twin Panel

Our twin panel screens for the two most common STDs. Treatment options are available in most states, and no swabs are used. Trich testing upgrade available for $69 on next page.

Individual Testing Options

Hepatitis B
Hepatitis C
Herpes 1/2
HIV 1/2 (4th Gen)

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Selected STD Tests
Add Trichomoniasis Testing
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