Tinder Care

The advent of dating apps, although deeply appreciated by the modern dating pool, has also had some negative side effects on sexual health. According to a recent Guardian article, there is a direct link between the surge in popularity of “hookup apps” and an increase in the number of reported STIs.

The problem presented by dating apps is simple: As society becomes more accepting of casual sex, dating apps provide a forum for anonymity and, consequently, less frequent disclosure about sexual health. In the past, if one individual was a carrier for an STI, the likelihood of their increased contact with other members of the population remained constant. However, digital dating allows for a wider reach with more connections for every individual using the service. All it takes is one person who is infected with an STI to begin the spread of the disease to each of their partners.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this correlation, and it doesn’t involve uninstalling your favorite app. Using a condom, asking your partners about their sexual history, and being regularly tested will prevent you from becoming a part of newly presented statistics about STIs.

In honor of providing you with the resources to ensure your best sexual health, Accurate HIV and STD Testing offers testing services specifically designed for people who have swiped right with success. It’s called our TinderCare test. For the discounted price of $198, you can discretely take a 10-Panel Test that will screen for chlamydia, gonorrhea, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, herpes I, herpes II, HIV 1/2 and syphilis. When you aren’t sure about a recent partner’s history, this test covers all of the bases of potential infection.

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