About AccurateSTD

Our Counselor Qualification

Our professionally trained sexual health counselors are part of a team of experts we’ve assembled with you in mind. We know that STI and STD testing can be a stressful experience with a lot of unknowns. Our team has years of experience and can support you at every phase of the testing process. We can help you pick a test that matches your needs and a test facility that matches your requirements for privacy and convenience. We deliver your results without judgement, and we are fully prepared to help talk you through the implications of the outcomes of your test. We will help you understand what your results mean, and we are here to help you on the path to recovery. Additionally, if you have any general customer service questions or concerns, we are available by phone to provide you the help you need.

We also work with a network of physicians who are committed to giving you accurate and trustworthy support for your STD testing needs. They are there to assist with your test requisition and help interpret your results. They are also available to help you with your treatment and recovery process if you need it.

Contact a Health Counselor:

Call 1-888-857-8122

Why Choose Us?

Results in 3 Business Days or Less

When your sexual health is weighing on your mind, getting your results can feel like an eternity. That’s why, with Accurate STD and HIV Testing, you can get results typically in 3 business days or less. You pick the time to call for results, or simply log in to a secure link unique to your order 24 hours a day.

Your Privacy Is Protected

Accurate STD and HIV Testing is designed to protect your privacy. Our name will not appear on your credit card statement, we will not contact your insurance agency or health care provider. All of our communication will happen discreetly with your confidentiality in mind.

Trustworthy Results

Get guaranteed results quickly and discreetly. We work with some of the most reputable testing facilities in the U.S. to make sure you have total peace of mind. If anything ever seems confusing, just call one of our sexual health representatives and they will help clarify anything you need.

Convenient Locations

No matter where you are, we can help you receive a convenient STD or HIV screening. You tell us your location, and we’ll do the rest. Whether you’d prefer to visit a test center in your own neighborhood or someplace where there’s no chance you’ll run into someone you know, our physicians have you covered.