How it Works

Select Test

The first step of our process is to select a test that meets your needs. You’ll want to consider when your most recent sexual contact was, whether or not you are displaying symptoms, and the scope of the test that you need. Many common STIs share symptoms, some do not have any symptoms at all. We recommend that you consider our 8 panel test that will cover all of the bases to ensure that you are perfectly healthy. You can use the resources on our website to choose what test seems like the best fit for you or you can contact one of our sexual health counselors for expert guidance on this important decision.

Select Your Location

One of the biggest challenges of getting an STI test is convenience. We have relationships with reputable testing facilities across the United States, so that you can either go somewhere that is right around the corner, or somewhere where you won’t be recognized. The choice is yours. You just provide your zip code and we’ll give you a list of locations to choose from. If you need help with this step of the process, you can contact one of our sexual health counselors.

Visit A Lab

Like all STI tests, you’ll need a requisition from a physician to see a lab technician. The difference between Accurate STD and HIV testing and other services is that our team guarantees your freedom to keep your testing experience completely private. Yes, you will have to visit a testing facility to be tested. However, you can pick where and when to have your test. Additionally, we do not report your test (or results) to your insurance. The end result is a very discreet test that happens on your terms. Here are some Accurate STD and HIV testing facts:

  • There’s no appointment needed, just the recommendation from our doctor.
  • Same day testing is available.
  • All you need to bring with you is your confirmation receipt.
  • Your test will be a simple urine and/or blood sample.
  • The entire testing process should only take 5-10 minutes.

Once you complete the form on our website, you’ll receive the requisition to be tested in your email. Print it (or keep it pulled up on you phone) and visit the testing facility you selected during their regular business hours.

Results in 24-72 Hours

After you visit the testing facility, they will evaluate your samples. They will send the lab results to our sexual health counselors, and you can begin contacting us for results in 24 – 72 hours. When you are ready, you call us to get your results. That way there is no risk of intrusive voicemails or embarrassing emails. Our sexual health counselors are expertly trained in talking our patients through their results. So, regardless of whether your test is positive or negative, you can ask any questions you might have and receive professional, friendly, and educated answers.

Counseling & Treatment

If your test does come back positive for an STI, then what? We can help you handle the implications of your results. Our sexual health counselors will advise you on possible treatment plans to get you on the road to wellness as quickly as possible. We specifically specialize in chlamydia, gonorrhea, and trichomoniasis. Our physicians will call in a prescription for the necessary medication to the pharmacy of your choice.