Lab tech handing a patient a sample cup for their STD test.

How Soon Can You Get Tested for an STD?

If you suspect that you may have recently contracted a sexually transmitted disease, you’d want to know as quickly as possible, right? It’s the natural response: How soon can you get tested for an STD? Technically, the answer is “any time,” but for better,...

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The word "symptom" being highlighted on a page.

How Soon Do STD Symptoms Appear?

Sexually transmitted diseases can be easy to catch but difficult to diagnose right away. Why? Often, STDs don’t present symptoms for a long time — or they don’t present them at all. When it comes to signs and symptoms, it’s important to find a...

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Close up of a man with hands holding his crotch.

Burning After Ejaculation: Is It an STD?

While it’s unpleasant to experience a burning sensation after ejaculation, most men will endure it at some point in their lifetime, especially if they’re sexually active. The sensation can be a result of myriad conditions: a urinary tract infection, swelling of the prostate, urethral...

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White pills on blue background.

When Is the Best Time to Be Treated for an STI?

While it’s true that not all sexually transmitted infections (STIs) show immediate symptoms, if and when they do, you’ll want to find a reputable testing center to get the proper tests early on. Frustratingly, some STIs don’t present symptoms at all. These are difficult...

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Physician noting down STD symptoms of a patient.

How to Get Tested for STDs

Finding a reliable STD testing center and getting tested regularly is part of leading a healthy and responsible sex life. Sexually active adults and teens taking proper STD preventative measures are certainly at a lower risk, but even protected sex won’t eliminate the risk...

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A black woman smiling and playfully sticking her tongue out.

How Common Is It to Get an STD From Oral Sex?

It’s time to dispel a myth that no doubt still circulates through high school cafeterias nationwide: You can, in fact, contract an STD from oral sex. And as always, getting tested is the only way to know for sure if you’ve done so. But...

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A young woman holding a sign that features a large question mark

HPV vs Herpes: Are They the Same Thing?

When it comes to sexual health and STD testing in general, no question is too nuanced or too specific; the more you ask, the more you know.  There’s one, in particular, that we hear a lot: What are the differences when it comes to...

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