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Accurate STD prioritizes your time and energy by recognizing your hectic agenda and providing access to trustworthy and speedy STD testing in Bloomingdale. With more than 4,000 testing centers situated across the nation, locating a favorable Bloomingdale testing location near you is made easy. With Accurate, your testing results will be readily available to you in 24-72 hours. Once your results are accessible,

Quest Diagnostics
We partner with Quest Diagnostics to ensure the most accurate test results for you. In order to visit a Quest Diagnostics testing facility, you will need a recommendation from one of our physicians.

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Selecting the most favorable and discrete lab near you is easily done. Our labs are distributed across the country to provide you with a number of options. Quest Diagnostics, which specializes in diverse and FDA approved testing services, has partnered with us to process all testing in CLIA certified laboratories.

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Incidence Rates

Over a million cases of chlamydia were documented within the United States, according to the CDC's 2014 surveillance report. Multiple major metropolitan areas make up the large state of Illinois, and infection levels can quickly grow out of control in these highly populated regions. To avoid acquiring an STD in Illinois, safe sex techniques and routine testing are necessary steps to take towards sexual wellness. The following offers an overview of important STD numerical data for Illinois. Keep in mind, these provided data points only represent newly reported and diagnosed cases. This leaves unreported cases yet to be considered in the overall tally.


reported cases of Chlamydia in Illinois in 2014


reported cases of Gonorrhea in Illinois in 2014


reported cases of Syphilis in Illinois in 2014

Keep in mind these are only the numbers for new cases that are diagnosed and reported. Many STDs go undiagnosed as the people who are infected don’t show symptoms.

Commitment to Quality

Recognizing that STI testing is often a troubling and foreign experience for many, Accurate STD has selected experienced and proficient sexual health counselors to provide educated support. Our team of experts will be there to provide you with the assistance you need to make well-informed decisions regarding testing, preventive steps and treatment. If you should have any concerns regarding your tests or next steps, our staff is experienced in translating testing outcomes and will guide you through implications and sources of treatment to achieve sexual health. Our network of physicians is committed to offering authoritative and dependable support throughout the testing process. These experts will be by your side as you order testing, receive the expected results and will continue to be at your disposal throughout treatment and recovery. Find a accommodating and private Bloomingdale STD testing center close to you with Accurate.

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