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Accurate STD provides convenient and prompt STD testing in Chicago. We prioritize your time and energy by recognizing your active agenda and providing access to rapid and trustworthy STD testing. Locating an accommodating Chicago testing location near you is made easy due to our upwards of 4,000 testing centers stationed across the United States. Visit your selected lab for quick testing at your convenience after placing your order online. With Accurate, your testing results will be readily available to you within 24-72 hours. Once your results are accessible, they may be safely accessed using our online portal 24/7. Results can also be delivered to you over the phone. Our testing approach takes long waiting times out of the equation to provide you with tranquility and the answers that you need.,

Commitment to Quality

Recognizing that STI testing is often a worrisome and foreign experience for many, Accurate STD has selected skilled and expert sexual health counselors to provide educated support. Our team of experts will be there to provide you with the support you need to make informed choices regarding testing, preventative steps and treatment. If you should have any questions regarding your tests or next steps, our staff is experienced in translating testing outcomes and will guide you through implications and sources of treatment to achieve sexual wellness. Our network of physicians is committed to supplying trustworthy and accurate assistance throughout the testing process. These specialists will be by your side as you purchase testing, obtain the expected results and will remain at your disposal all throughout treatment and recovery. Find a discrete and accommodating Chicago STD testing center close to you with Accurate.

Our Locations for STD Testing In Chicago

Selecting the most favorable and discrete lab near you is easily done. Our labs are distributed across the country to provide you with a wide array of options. Quest Diagnostics, which focuses on diverse and FDA approved testing services, has partnered with us to process all testing in CLIA certified laboratories.

111 N Wabash Ave #1514
Chicago, Illinois 60602
Phone: 1-888-857-8122

1431 N Western Ave #137
Chicago, Illinois 60622
Phone: 1-888-857-8122

1460 N Halsted St #201
Chicago, Illinois 60642
Phone: 1-888-857-8122

2800 N Sheridan Rd #G1
Chicago, Illinois 60657
Phone: 1-888-857-8122

3000 N Halsted #604
Chicago, Illinois 60657
Phone: 1-888-857-8122

4126 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60641
Phone: 1-888-857-8122

4801 W Peterson Ave #205
Chicago, Illinois 60646
Phone: 1-888-857-8122

8751 S Greenwood Ave #106
Chicago, Illinois 60619
Phone: 1-888-857-8122

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Find a Testing Center

1) Order

Some STDs come with symptoms, others do not. We offer a wide variety of STD testing options. If you need help, our care counselors will guide you every step of the way.

2) Visit

After picking your test and location, our physicians will provide you with a requisition to visit a testing center. The entire testing process should only take 5-10 minutes. All of the testing centers are discreet, and no one will know you are there for STD testing.

3) Results

When your sexual health is weighing on your mind, getting results can feel like an eternity. Our STD test results are typically available in 3 business days or less and can be accessed online through a secure patient portal.

Incidence Rates

Over a million cases of chlamydia were reported in the United States, according to the CDC's surveillance report in 2014, and infection rates can quickly grow out of control in these more populated cities. Due to this, safe sex practices and frequent testing are necessary steps to take towards sexual wellness. Bear in mind, these provided data points only represent newly reported and diagnosed cases. This leaves unreported cases yet to be accounted for in the overall tally.


reported cases of Chlamydia in Illinois in 2014


reported cases of Gonorrhea in Illinois in 2014


reported cases of Syphilis in Illinois in 2014

Keep in mind these are only the numbers for new cases that are diagnosed and reported. Many STDs go undiagnosed as the people who are infected don’t show symptoms.