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For convenient and swift STD testing in Erie, Accurate STD offers more than 4,000 testing centers across the nation. To cater to the regularly hectic schedule of the everyday individual, we highlight supportive and practical solutions for your STD testing needs. Thanks to our multitude of testing locations throughout the United States, finding one near you in Erie should be hassle-free. Not only can you set up your appointment online, but visiting your selected Erie lab location can be done whenever it is most appropriate for you. Long waiting times will no longer cause unneeded anxiety, due to our 24-72 hour turnaround time for all test results. After the results have been processed, they will be available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through our secure online portal. Test results may also be provided over the phone.

Quest Diagnostics
We partner with Quest Diagnostics to ensure the most accurate test results for you. In order to visit a Quest Diagnostics testing facility, you will need a recommendation from one of our physicians.

Our Locations for STD Testing In Erie

Made possible due to our collaboration with Quest Diagnostics, our CLIA testing centers are available across the country to make it quick and easy to find one near you. Quest Diagnostics labs are equipped for FDA approved testing of various conditions.

1526 Peach St
Erie, Pennsylvania 16501
Phone: 1-888-857-8122

2020 E 38th St
Erie, Pennsylvania 16510
Phone: 1-888-857-8122

2501 W 12th St
Erie, Pennsylvania 16505
Phone: 1-888-857-8122

3315 Liberty St
Erie, Pennsylvania 16508
Phone: 1-888-857-8122

350 E Bayfront Pkwy
Erie, Pennsylvania 16507
Phone: 1-888-857-8122

4108 Zuck Rd
Erie, Pennsylvania 16506
Phone: 1-888-857-8122

4916 Buffalo Rd
Erie, Pennsylvania 16510
Phone: 1-888-857-8122

7200 Peach St
Erie, Pennsylvania 16509
Phone: 1-888-857-8122

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Incidence Rates

STDs are easily transmitted in densely populated areas, and urban areas within Pennsylvania are no exception. As shown by the CDC in their 2014 STD survey, the United States experienced over a million newly documented cases of chlamydia, one of the more common STIs. Getting tested regularly and practicing safe sex are important steps that will help prevent you from contracting an STD. The following offers key statistics of common STDs within the state of Pennsylvania. These statistics are significantly high, but many cases without symptoms go undocumented. Because of this, the true rate of STDs may be even higher which makes staying informed all the more important.


reported cases of Chlamydia in Pennsylvania in 2014


reported cases of Gonorrhea in Pennsylvania in 2014


reported cases of Syphilis in Pennsylvania in 2014

Keep in mind these are only the numbers for new cases that are diagnosed and reported. Many STDs go undiagnosed as the people who are infected don’t show symptoms.

Commitment to Quality

For individuals like yourself who may be new to the process, our STD testing experience is customized specifically for you. To relieve any confusion or worry, we have sexual health counselors that are skillfully trained and available to you for advice throughout the testing process. To guide you through the beginning stages of testing, we are available to assist you in selecting the most suitable testing and accommodating lab locations. We recognize your need for privacy and guarantee the professional delivery of all test results. All correspondings will remain free of judgement and fully private. If you should require further assistance translating your results, feel free to reach out to us for counseling on implications and routes for treatment. Your health is our top priority. Helpful and dependable, our system of physicians is here to walk you through every step of the process as needed. While our physicians can assist you with STD testing recommendations, nearby laboratories and treatment opportunities, our customer support line is open for general requests or problems. Get the assistance and trustworthy answers that you need at your nearest Erie STD testing center with Accurate STD.

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